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I don't sing because I'm happy,

I'm happy because I sing!

"Antonia has been teaching my 10 year old daughter over the past year. The level of Antonia's teaching is outstanding. My daughter's singing level has progressed very quickly and always looks forward to lessons. Antonia has a really warm, friendly and calm teaching style. She teaches vocal technique in a really detailed and methodical way. Each session she goes through warm up exercises and always keeps the lessons interesting with regular updating of songs. She also has the flexibility to teach both classical and to mix up the lessons with some pop songs to keep my daughter engaged. You can tell from my daughter's singing quality that Antonia has given her a great foundation in singing. I would have no hesitation to recommend Antonia. She is fantastic."
| Daniel Jewel |

Singing Ethos

My belief is that everyone can learn to sing when taught holistically and can experience the satisfaction of discovering the unique qualities of their individual voice. I strongly believe in the cathartic power of singing and that it can support wellbeing and authentic personal expression.

How I Teach

I teach with a strong emphasis on building holistic, detailed technique, striving to always put the individual at the centre by finding unique ways to make this accessible and fun. For me, teaching is all about deep listening, not only listening intently to the student and their voice but teaching them how to ‘listen’ to their body and develop their own kinaesthetic awareness. From the first lessons therefore, students learn about the body and the way the voice works. I address this through exercises and breathing techniques, as well as songs appropriate to age and stage. For those interested in gaining a qualification, I also guide students through the ABRSM grades and prepare them for exams. I aim to create a fun, nurturing environment where learning and confidence can be optimised.


I have over four years of private teaching experience, and am always looking to develop my practice. As part of my degree I took a two year teaching elective in teacher training, which advanced my skills. I also recently attended a teaching conference run by AOTOS.   

I continue my own operatic training with highly respected and accomplished teachers and therefore everything I teach my own students is continually informed by the world class tuition I am lucky enough to receive. This ensures that my teaching is always current and reflects the ever evolving industry standards for vocal tuition.


I teach online via Skype and/or at home in Greenwich, just a 5 minute walk from Maze Hill station or a 10 minute walk from Cutty Sark DLR.

I also work at Greenwich Music School and The John Roan School. 

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